The Lash Lift

Full, long, deep black and perfectly curved eyelashes – every woman’s dream. With our EYELASH LIFTING we make this dream come true for at least 6-8 weeks and without any mascara! With an innovative technique, the eyelashes are lifted from the roots, fixed in shape and colored. For a wonderfully natural look. Because in contrast to the conventional eyelash wave, the EYELASH LIFTING smooths the natural eyelashes at the root and thus creates full-looking eyelashes.


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The treatment starts with a thorough cleansing and degreasing of the eyelashes to make them ready to be treated.



Now the angle of the curve will first be agreed with you and the course of the treatment will be explained.



Then a silicone pad, which is available in several sizes (depending on the length of the lashes and the desired curvature), is placed as close as possible to the upper lash line. A special adhesive is applied to this silicone pad, which fixes the eyelashes when they are now combed on with a small brush.


Lotion 1

Lotion 1 is brushed on for approx. 12-18 minutes, which opens the hair structure and, with the help of the curvature of the pad, gives the eyelashes a new shape.


Lotion 2

Then Lotion 2 is applied for about 6-9 minutes, which closes the hair again and fixes it in the new shape.



In order to intensify the effect, the eyelashes are now coloured deep black on the pad. After that, the pads are removed and the eyes are cleansed.



The eyelash lamination is an intensive care treatment for the eyelashes, which supplies and strengthens them with nutrients, vitamins and proteins.


In general, you do not have to pay special attention to any special care after the eyelash lift. However, you should avoid the following things within the first 24 hours after treatment: water, hot steam and eyebrow products such as gel or similar.

In the first few weeks you can completely do without mascara and eyelashes. If the effect slowly wears off or to bridge the gap until the next appointment, you can apply mascara as usual. Lash lifting creates a dramatic curve and length.


Treatment duration: 45 min

Lasting results: 6-8 weeks


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Lash Lifting

incl. Tint

79,- EUR

Lash Tint

18,- EUR

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