Welcome to our sisterhood!

Let’s talk eyebrows & lashes! Eyebrows are the pillars of our faces – and perfect, natural brows are our great passion. And we don’t compromise on that. Needless to say, every brow, skin color, age and gender is exactly what makes our sisterhood bond so special to us. The second you enter our stores, you are part of the family. We take your needs very personal, that’s why each treatment is customized to your natural beauty. Your satisfaction is our top priority for all services in stores and with our products in the comfort of your own home. Let’s have some fun!

“We celebrate your personality. We are not here to change anything about you; we simply want to enhance your natural beauty. We want to see your eyebrows and lashes in best shape – always and everywhere”

Meet the founders Amira & Rada

The Browery is a sister thing! As founders and sisters with Lebanese roots, we were surrounded with a sense and enthusiasm for beauty since a very young age. Beautiful and significant eyebrows have always been part of our ritual. We noticed a strong desire for eyebrow professionals who master and love their craft. What makes us special? Rada’s creative mind is perfectly complemented by Amira’s management skills – a true power duo. That makes The Browery not only a place for professional beauty treatments, more likely a wellness retreat for relaxing and exchanging ideas with others. From identifiying the best brow shape for your face to defining the best eyebrow care & styling regime, think of us like your very own brow sisters.

Our Collection

For more than 3 years we poured our research & development, love, sweat (and also a few tears) into “The Collection” with 9 different eyebrow and eyelash products. It was particularly important to us to test the products live on our customers right from the start, in order to optimize them until we had found the absolutely perfect textures and color nuances. The result: eyebrow stylers and care formulas that are easy to use and extend the look of our salon treatments and techniques at home. Recharge your brows & treat yourself!

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Brand Relaunch

The Browery gets a new look with revised new brand identity and an overall new store design.


COVID-19 restirctions

After the first COVID-19 lockdown, The Browery is experiencing the largest influx of visitors since opening and is making record sales. The Browery now manages more than 30 employees across Germany.


First shop-in-shop

The Browery opens the first shop-in-shop branch in the luxury department store Oberpollinger in Munich.


Germany-wide beautiful brows

The Browery opens at the Kaufhof an der Kö in Düsseldorf.


Growth & Product Development

In the same year opens another shop-in-shop branch in the luxury department store Ludwig Beck in the heart of Munich. In addition, Rada and Amira kicked off their research and development phase for their own product line. To elevate your own Brow routine at home!



The Browery grows and opens a new subsidiary in KaDeWe Berlin.


Launch of new website and webshop

The Browery launches its Online Shop. The new collection is now available online.


Megatrend “Brow Lifting”

The Browery is launching the new eyebrow treatment “Brow Lifting” to the European market for the very first time, sparking a big beauty trend that became an instant hype thanks to a TV feature on Pro7 TAFF.


Megatrend “Microblading”

The Browery is bringing the new eyebrow treatment “Microblading” to the European market for the first time, sparking a big beauty trend that became an instant hype thanks too many press features.


The Browery product launch

Exciting news! After years of developing and mastering textures, formulas, packagings with a strong sustainable approach, The Browery launches its own product line “Recharge your Brows Collection”. 9 eyebrow & lash products, here to make Browery’s expertise accessible to everyone. Innovative textures meet sustainable conception and elegant design.


The Opening

The Browery opens its first store in the trending district Maxvorstadt in Munich. The store was quickly declared as the new beauty hotspot in Munich by local and national press and opinion leaders. The Browery was featured in numerous renowned newspapers.

Our philosophy

Living and consuming sustainably is the new luxury. We want to live with our environment, not from it. That is why each of our products fulfils several purposes at the same time and can be used in different ways. In addition, our textures are vegan and our packaging is refillable and recyclable. Looking good while doing good – we love it!

Press review

Neuester Schrei ist das sogenannte Microblading..von der Münchener Brow Bar „The Browery“


Die neue Beauty-Technik für schöne Augenbrauen.. angeboten von “The Browery“

Elle Redakteurin testet Microblading „bei der ersten Adresse, wenn es um Augenbrauen geht.“ Fazit: “WOW, so habe ich mir das vorgestellt. I‘m in Love with my Eyebrows.“

„Neu in München:
The Browery für perfekte Brauen und Wimpern.“